Life Net Nature protects wildlife.  We preserve habitat for endangered species, help local communities to establish protected areas, and do wildlife research and education.

Life Net Nature is action! We got the jaguar and Hawaiian I’iwi bird on the endangered species list.  We have helped make public lands next to Yellowstone National Park safer for park gray wolves.  We manage a protected area in Ecuador called Reserva Las Tangaras where 300 bird species, endangered monkeys, and spectacled bear securely reside.  In Kenya we support local Maasai protecting giraffe and other wildlife on private lands next to the famed Mara-Serengeti ecosystem. We are expanding habitat for the endangered huemul deer in Chile.

Join us to protect nature! Come volunteer as a citizen scientist monitoring birds and mammals in Ecuador and Kenya.  Or, you can assist on public outreach campaigns for wildlife conservation.

Life Net Nature invites people of all ages to volunteer or to support our work via donations.