Wildlife Conservation & Bird Monitoring Expeditions

Kenya:  Giraffe, Birds & Wildlife Surveys & Maasai Walking Safaris:  June 8-21, 2014

Ecuador:  Amazon- Birding & banding (Waorani Reserve): February 15-28, 2015

Ecuador:  Andes - Birding & banding (Las Tangaras Reserve:  July 13-26, 2014    

   Team 2: December 2-15, 2014

Ecuador:  Birding & banding (Loma Alta Reserve ): January 4-17, 2015

Chile:  Andes- In Search of the endangered Huemul Deer : Contact us

Kenya: Natural history, wildlife ecology, and Maasai community-based conservation: June 28-August 29, 2014. A special university-level program through UC Davis - email Dr. Tony Povilitis for information: tpovilitis@lifenetnature.org)

Forms & Briefings

For further information on Ecuador contact: Dr. Dusti Becker: dbecker@lifenetnature.org

For Kenya: Dr. Tony Povilitis: tpovilitis@lifenetnature.org or Bridget Gies: bgies@lifenetnature.org