Wildlife Conservation & Bird Monitoring Volunteer Expeditions

On-going projects & how to get involved with them:

Kenya:  Wildlife Surveys with Maasai: Contact Maasai directly

Ecuador:  Andes - Birding & banding (Las Tangaras Reserve):  Call Reserve

Ecuador:  Bird Monitoring  (Loma Alta Reserve ):  Contact Eve Astudillo (eastudillo@uees.edu.ec)

Chile:  Andes- Search for endangered Huemul Deer : Contact Dr. Tony Povilitis

USA: Ban Wolf Trophy Hunting in Yellowstone NP: Summer 2015 - Contact Dr. Tony Povilitis

Forms & Briefings

For further information on Ecuador contact: Dr. Dusti Becker: dbecker@lifenetnature.org

For Kenya: Dr. Tony Povilitis: tpovilitis@lifenetnature.org or Bridget Gies: bgies@lifenetnature.org